How can companies in construction create a strong and versatile online presence?


How can companies in construction create a strong and versatile online presence?

These days if you ask most successful businesses where they find most of their potential customers they will tell you through online marketing.

It’s rare that companies get more customers through ads in the local newspaper or ads in the telephone book these days.

Most people find out about companies based on Google searches or on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Due to most customers spending a lot of time online, it’s very important to build a professional website for your company as this is going to be the first impression most prospects will have on your company before reaching out.

However, unfortunately just building your website isn’t sufficient anymore. The website itself wont be enough to attract customers because prospects need to know that you and your website exist.

Building a website is not online marketing. Online marketing is about bringing traffic to your website.

If you want the success for your company that comes with having a strong online presence, you must be vigilant and versatile with your online marketing.

In order to be seen by as many future clients as possible, you should be listing yourself/business on all the online platforms available. For example websites such as; Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Builtsearch are all excellent ways of drawing in a broad array of potential clients.

After opening an account on these various social media platforms. The first step would be to write a short bio about your company and what you have to offer that’s different from your competitors.

(If you do not know why people should chose you over your competitors, then find out ASAP! Because if you don’t know, neither will your prospects).

The next step is consistent posting. You want people to recognise your name and logo. Recognition comes from repetition. The more you are seen, the quicker you become a trusted name.

If you find yourself struggling to find content to post online, try starting with short written posts about the construction projects you have worked on recently or post pictures of completed projects and your team on site.

Writing posts gives you a chance to interact with potential customers and show your expertise through your online presence.

You should always respond as soon as possible to comments on your posts to show that you are proactive and that you care about your customers.

Another way you can drive traffic to your website is to become a local authority on construction and become someone that’s customers can trust.

I cannot stress this enough; only building a website won’t help you get your name out there as someone customers can trust.

In order to gain prospects’ trust you need to be an expert in your industry so use content marketing to show it.

I have mentioned this in past blogs however the best place to start is to write some blog posts or articles on your website about common questions or recent projects that you have completed.

You can also reach out to construction publication sites and ask if you can write a guest post.

Writing blogs and guest posts will get your name out there and invite potential customers to interact with you and your website as well as showing off your professionalism and expertise.

Another good way to create content is by using video marketing.

The construction industry has a lot of potential for amazing video content.

You can market yourself by posting videos of the before and after of your most recent construction project or discuss how the project was completed and what challenges your team overcame.

You can also advertise yourself by posting videos of your company’s culture and business ethics that set you apart from your competitors. Content marketing with videos definitely gets higher customer engagement than content with no video, because in general people prefer watching videos over reading long articles.

All of these ideas together with your website will help you start to create a strong online presence and attract as much traffic as possible.

You need to use social media marketing along with content marketing and videos to help drive traffic to your website.

Just using one method such as; building an online website and not doing anything with it won’t bring any customers to you and you’ll be wasting money on your domain without seeing any profit.

You need to be consistent in showing you are an expert in your industry, posting blogs and posts on social media, responding to potential customers on social media sites, if you want to be found you need to be everywhere your potential customers are looking.

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