South Australia’s construction industry will witness a boom with the onset of mega works in construction, adding up to almost $1 billion worth of projects. That too, in a short period of the two-quarters. Finally, South Australian residents will get what they have been waiting for to start for so long.

You will see the construction projects beginning on two key infra projects in the region – the Joy Baluch AM Bridge Duplication Project and the Port Wakefield Overpass & Highway Duplication. The work will also start work on the Tod and Birdseye Highways next month. The Govt. seems to be serious in its commitment to better roads.

By the end of this year, much-awaited upgrade work will start in Adelaide on the intersection of the Main North, Kings, McIntyre Roads, Goodwood, Springbank, and Daws Roads.

According to the Infra & Transport Minister, these mega projects will boost the economy and generate much employment. What more do we need, especially during these Covid-19 days. The economy has never faced such a difficult time. About 1,315 new jobs in the road project itself are a good sign for the economy’s recovery. People will be able to save much time. Moreover, they will drive home safely once all such projects give us cities free from any congestion.

In the 1st quarter of next year, the following projects will start their work:

* · Upgrade of the Flagstaff Road

* · Womma & Stebonheath Road

* · Upgrade of North East and South Para Road

* · Dublin Saleyard

* · Horrocks, Eyre, and Princes Highway, Glenelg River Road

* · Granite Island Causeway

* · Portrush and Magill Road

* · Hampstead, Briens Road, and Grand Junction

* · Nottage Terrace

* · Main North Road

Besides, you will get projects as per the state Govt’s special package for safety that will complement the works mentioned above, as follows:

In the entire state, 1000 km of audio-tactile line marking on roads will begin installing.

The bids for $10 million worth of projects are likely to be invited for the mega tender next month.

A safety work to curb head-on collisions will start 3.5 km of new median wire rope treatment.

The work has already begun for lighting improvement at 62 places all over the state. It will install more than 570 new lights at $8.5 million.

In December 2020, they will improve local roads in 16 key road junctions.

In Jan 2021, work will start on Goolwa and Callington Road

In Jan next year, installing the safety barriers will start on regional roads on the Goyder Highway, the South Eastern Freeway, Victor Harbor Road, Glenelg River Road, and Riddoch Highway.

By March next year, $52 million worth of projects may also begin to improve high priority regional roads on the following highways: Dukes, Riddoch, Thiele, Stuart Stage 2, Maitland Road, Yorke, Victor Harbor Road, Minlaton Road, and Copper Coast.

The work on the initial 50 km of the Strzelecki Track was already started, which should be finished by March next year.

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